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Contact Methods

A contact method is a way that we can contact you when you're being notified about an incident. Contact methods are private to individual users, so the details (email address, phone number, etc.) are not visible to other users. Sometimes the best way to get a hold of you is a call to your home phone, and we ensure that number isn't directly available to your teammates.

Add a new contact method

The default contact method in every user account is their login email address.

You can add any number of contact methods to your account, and doing so has no effect on their actual use until you assign them as a step in a notification rule. You can only create contact methods for yourself.

Create new contact methods from the notifications tab in your profile.

We support push notifications to your iOS or Android device, emails, SMS text messages to your phone, and voice calls to your phone. At this time, SMS and voice phone numbers are limited to the United States and Canada.

Adding a push notification based contact method

To configure your phone or tablet for push notifications, install the mobile app from the App Store or from the Google Play Store. Login to your account, and, when prompted, allow notifications. We'll automatically register that device for push notifications and you'll immediately see it in your list of contact methods.

Verify a contact method

Email, SMS, and voice contact methods must be verified before they can be included in notification rules. You'll be prompted to verify each contact method after creation. For email and SMS contact methods, we'll send you a 6-digit code at that email or phone number and for voice we'll call you with the 6-digit code.