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Integrations enable automated connections between Ready Five and a variety of third-party services. This allows events to occur in these services and for Ready Five to be notified, which automatically creates and assigns incidents and notify the appropriate people.

All integrations live within a Team, and any number of integrations can exist within a team.

Before adding an integration, you must create a team. Account owners, account administrators, and members of the team that are team administrators can see and manage its integrations. Other users cannot view or change the details of integrations.

Integrations can be found on the "Integrations" tab with in a team.


The following integrations are supported.

We're continually adding new integrations. If you'd like us to consider adding one, please contact us with the details!

Disable an integration

Each integration can be disabled individually when needed. It's often helpful to disable a single integration when performing maintenance on an individual service to temporarily prevent unwanted alerts.

After any integration is added to a team, you can disable it by opening the integration and clicking the "Disable" toggle.

Integration disable button

While integrations are disabled, requests made to the integration's address will continue to respond with a 202 Accepted, but alerts will not be created.

Re-enable an integration

Disabled integrations can be re-enabled at any time. Open the ingration and click the "Enable" toggle to re-enable it. Once an integration is enabled, requests to its address is

Integration enable button